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Heavy Rotation

What We're Listening To

Dodie’s debut EP has a lot of promise. Her beautiful voice, playful attitude, and often fun music help her stand out from the crowd of sad folk songwriters. Read more.

Not the Actual Events is the most ferocious Nine Inch Nails release in decades, but its teasing brevity and self-importance almost make it disappointing. Read more.

SOHN follows up on his debut with a record that takes him closer to pop — but even while he broadens his audience, he never loses sight of his roots. Read more.

The Lemon Twigs’ feature-length debut is one of the most unusual and beautiful records of 2016. It’s a record that embodies the best of its influences and makes its impenetrable weirdness oddly accessible. Read more.

RTJ3 is Killer Mike and El-P at their angriest — and also their most tuneful. Read more.

Wharfer’s third record dramatically expands the performer’s sound, but it doesn’t do it at the expense of his personality. Read more.


A Few of Our Favourite Things

Each of the guys in Fresh Snow pick their favourite improv and experimental records.

In celebration of Homme’s new record with Iggy Pop, we take a look at the best five records from one of rock’s most prolific statesmen.

Better late than never: our list of the best twelve records of 2015 (because we couldn't decide on ten) includes Grimes, Kendrick, Father John Misty, and a few surprises.